Studying with RENK: A glimpse into the fascinating world of technology.

Inspired by the world of (drive) technology?
Want to gain practical experience in an international industrial enterprise?
You're committed, determined, and open to new things?
Then get off to a great start as an intern or working student at RENK and discover the world of technology first hand. Fascinating topics and projects await you. Your commitment and determination provide the perfect impetus for new ideas. And who knows, it could even become more some day! You can also write your degree thesis at RENK if you like.

Joining our company

Internships, degree theses, working students

Interesting topics and projects await you. Your commitment and openness to new things provide the perfect impetus for new ideas, and you gain an in-depth insight into our fascinating world of technology.

We are a globally recognized producer of high-quality special-purpose gear units, drive technology components, testing systems, slide bearings, and couplings. Creative, active involvement on the part of all our employees is our company’s lifeblood. At our plants, we give high-achieving students the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice on a regular basis.

This might be involvement in ongoing projects or working alongside our employees to meet the day-to-day challenges of a wide range of company areas. Prove your knowledge and skills by taking responsibility for your own work.

We recommend an internship with a duration of five to six months so you can gain in-depth insights into the complex technology and operational contexts of our company – but we may be able to offer shorter internships in exceptional cases as well.

Examples of potential fields in which you may be working include the areas of

  • Production and process control
  • Production planning
  • Technology, development, and construction
  • Commissioning, trials, and test rigs
  • Sales and service
  • Quality assurance and material technology
  • Electrical and electronic systems as well as software
  • Material and production logistics
  • Information technology (IT and organization)
  • Controlling

Strategy, mergers, and acquisitions

The internship is over, but the project isn't?

In many cases, it's possible to bring our projects to a successful conclusion through a combination of working as a student, internships, and degree theses.

In addition to gaining valuable practical experience, there's also the additional benefit of helping to finance your studies. And who knows, it could even become more some day!

You should meet the following requirements and offer the following qualities:

  • Currently enrolled in a university or other institute of higher education
  • Good academic performance
  • Interest in technical products, contexts, and operating procedures
  • Proficient in the use of common software programs
  • Outgoing personality and team skills
  • Reliability and independence
  • Structure, goal-oriented approach to work

We would also be delighted if you're interested in working together with us for a longer period (for example, a combination of an internship followed by writing your thesis or working as a student).

Once you have completed your internship, your activities as a working student, or your thesis, we also share information regarding technical and strategic changes at RENK with you in the course of regular expert lectures by our division and department heads. These lectures are offered exclusively for current, previous, and future RENK students.

Have you discovered an interesting topic that you would like to work on together with RENK?
Then apply via our online form, including the following documents:

  • Cover letter (including preferred area of work, potential duration of work, etc.)
  • Resume
  • Certificates (high school and training certificates as well as references from employment and internships)
  • Current transcripts
  • Proof of current enrollment

You're also welcome to submit a prospective application as well, of course. We review each individual application with respect to the applicant’s suitability for our company.

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Joining our company

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