Basic series of gear couplings

Our extensive product portfolio, including a wide range of series and variants, offers you complete freedom to design a shaft connection that fits your needs. It also gives you the certainty of selecting the ideal solution, even for the most difficult drive applications.

The gear couplings in the SB, SBk, and LBk series stand out for a high power density and a long service life. We employ a reliable oil or grease lubrication system for each series. They are suitable as torsionally rigid shaft connections for a positive torque transmission and provide compensation for axial, radial, and angular shaft misalignments. Gear couplings are truly all-purpose and are used in numerous different applications.

A wide range of combinations, for example with HYGUARD® safety couplings, brake disks, spacers, intermediate shafts, or other auxiliary equipment such as switchgears for versions in our portfolio that can be disengaged during standstill enable these couplings to be used for various applications.


SB series

Split housing with bolted covers

Elaborate lid design for high misalignment compensation capability

Misalignment ± 1.5° for each half of the coupling, up to ± 3° in special version

Lubrication: Filled with choice of oil or grease

Low strain on sealing rings thanks to optimal arrangement in housing lid

Large lubrication chamber with secured contents

Lubrication is maintained even if seal is damaged

Sealing rings are easy to replace

Large tooth center distance

Can be combined with HYGUARD® safety couplings, brake disks, torque measuring shafts, or other auxiliary equipment.


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Other products


Gear Coupling

The wide range of product series and variants gives our costumers the highest degree of freedom for designing the shaft connection.

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Gear couplings

Gear joint coupling

RENK gear joint couplings are primarily used in the area of hoisting and conveyor technology in crane hoists and hoisting drum drive systems. The articulated joint is torsionally rigid, yet flexible in all directions, which offers significant advantages in comparison with a rigid coupling.

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Gear couplings

High-speed series

Built on the basis of more than 75 years of experience in the development and production of these high-quality drive elements, RENK’s gear couplings in the high-speed series are the ideal product, especially when it comes to transmitting maximum speeds.

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Relevant industries


Steel and metal

Components for rollers, roller conveyors, or reel drives for the steel industry: we find the perfect solution for you.

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Production of plastics

Gear units for the production of plastics: benefit from our heterodyne technology.

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Transportation sector

Railway transportation sector

For a multi-mobile future in railway transportation

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Cement production

Mill gear units for the production of cement. Cement mill operators around the world trust mill gear units from RENK.

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