Integrated Front-end Power System (IFPS)

The Integrated Front-end Power System consists of a single-stage gear unit, one or multiple generators and associated frequency converters as well as the transformers for the connection to the ship’s grid.

Developed for front-end mounting it can be applied where there is no space for other PTO solutions arranged between the main engine and the propeller. As the space on the front-end is in most cases also limited, the system features a flat gear unit design and especially designed short generators.

Directly mounted on the engine’s front-end, the system needs no additional foundation, thereby reducing the installation costs. The modular concept allows the adaption of multiple generators of the same size. The main advantage is that the system’s power rating is scalable from 500 kW up to 2,000 kW without the demand of additional axial space.


Integrated Front-end Power System (IFPS)

Front-end mounted PTO solution

Available PTO power ranges from 500 up to 2,000 kW

Flat designed high ratio single-stage gear unit combined with a compact medium speed generator and frequency converter

Multi-Drive: adaption of multiple small sized generators possible

Simple and easy design due to standard parts

Main engine driven PTO is the most simple way to achieve stricter EEDI goals

Reduced CO2 emissions compared to common auxiliary gensets


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