Flywheel mass brake test stand

Due to the steadily increasing requirements that are being placed on driving comfort, safety, and speed in the field of railway technology, the tasks involved in development and quality assurance are becoming more complex all the time.

As a reliable partner for cutting-edge test stand technology in the areas of development and certification for brake systems, RENK supports all of the world’s leading suppliers of disc as well as block brake systems.


Flywheel brake test system

Certification according to UIC-541-3 / UIC 548 possible

Continuous mapping of the vehicle weights based on automatically shiftable flywheels and additional electrical mass simulation via AC motor

Hydraulic and pneumatic brake pressure generation

Brake torque determination via force transducer and torque measuring flange

Optional environmental simulation possible

Technical data

Technical data can be adapted according to the customer’s preferences.

650 kW
Maximum overall flywheel mass:
2,500 kgm2
Minimum overall flywheel mass:
400 kgm2
Max. brake torque:
30,000 Nm
Max. speed
3,500 rpm


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